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quit smoking

  • Experience is Excellent. The counseling in the beginning was very good and helpful. Thereafter each session gave me more confidence of maintaining a smoke free lifestyle, with minimal physical cravings, it was upon me to deal with the psychological pangs, which I did end an feeling fantastic now.Thank

    Arun Bahejua


    My Experence with IQS was nice . I was sucessful in Quting Smoking after therapy with IQS.

    S.M Kejriwal


    So for So Good. Keeping figures is cursed that I stay strong & quit.



    Very nice experience. Thank you.Dr saurari for her seppert highly reeremed this trehnent.

    Ritik Kumar


    I have completed three sessions and almost I feel that I can remain without smoking for the rest of my life.A must treatment for chain smokers.



    An awesome experience I had.I never thought that I would be able to quit smoking but this therapy worked as a wounder for me .My 18th years of habit is gone no craving for smoking now I wish it continues forever.



    My Experience with IQS was very positive. I'm proud of my decision to come here and.I thank you for letting me experience the amazing benefits of being a non smoke again cheers !

    Mr.Prateek Singh



    The experience is good, I could feel the difference that nicotine need by the body is diminishing, however, to see in future how it proceeds.
    The staff is good, knows there job, however old habits die hard, so could must come for our end.

    Mr.Arun Gumsele


    Help me to quit smoking and successful after 4th years to somking.

    Mr.Vinay Saxena


    Positive Good Course Valuable helped me Quit Smoking.

    Mr.Anand L


    Good and very helpful.

    Mr.Amit Puri


    Excellent its a magic and it works as a solution and helps your body to be smoke free. I used to smoke 6-7 cigrattes a day for the past 27-30 years and planned many times to quit smoking but unsuccessful. Today I say I should have visited them earlier and why did I smoke till now.

    Mr.Jai Deep Bhiwani


    My experience with IQS has been brillient. I used to be a chain smoker and had this inhibation that quitting smoking is not possible. IQS gave me hope and required motivation. I smoked my last cigarette on 03-06-2014 and since then, all thanks to IQS, I am smokefree. Thanks a ton, Best Wishes.

    Mr.Sumit Choudhary


    Well i must say its amazing how IQS works.I have never know any treatment like this.If one need or wants to quit smoking this is very much recommended. the secret is in killing the urge and IQS has very well recognised its keep it up.



    Experience was really great I was a heavy smoker before coming here. Quitting to smoke was a chimera for me. with guided assistance from Dr. Sunaina and the treatment. I am smoke free now.

    Mr.Siddharth S. Singh


    Very Good

    Mr.Sachin Gupta


    At first I was very skeptical about IQS and didn't believe in it. But then after my intraction with Dr. Kusum Dhaka, I thought lets give it a shot. After my 1st session, suddenly I realized that my craving of cigarette was not there anymore. Then after second session, my concentration and energy in life increased quite a bit. I am glad that I took help of IQS and can't thank them enough for making me smoke free.

    Mr.S.B. Abhinandan


    It is a natural treatment so no worry about side effects, They remove physical as well as mental requirement of body. There should be more centre in Delhi/NCR.

    Mr.Durgesh Saraswat


    Experience was good. Earlier I used to smoke 8-10 cigs/day but till 3 session I only smoked 2 cigs in 15 days and that too was situational. Therapy is good as long as it helps me to remain away from smoking. Hope to continue quit smoking.

    Mr.Kapil Gupta


    It Was very good comfortable experience and made me quit smoking doctor councelling was very encouraging and made me motivated to overcome leaving smoking.

    Mr.Samir Gupta


    Suffering since last 20 years, Many-Many thanks IQS, for helping me for quitting this habit; special thanks to Dr. Shivani, God bless her.



    Very Good

    M.S. Chawla


    It was great, when I came and see how the IQS works ? and it satisfy me in terms of all aspects of smoke free enviornment.

    Manav Sharma


    In last 10 days I did not feel any craving. I feel better I trust I will not take tobaco products in future.

    Rajesh Sahu

    19 Aug 14

    I had a great feeling after quit smoking. Initially I quit smoking for 3 months but when a lit up a cigrette (after 3 months) I felt really bad & I took treatment. But now I am confident enough that I will not smoke and Doctor here are great and good consultants.

    Gaurav Raheja

    16 Aug 14

    The experience has been good uptil now. The follow up is good. The methodology is good, consultation is excellent.

    Arvind Kumar

    16 Aug 14

    I had come for my councelling and therapy sessions on 6 Aug 14 and have immensely benefitted from the therapy and a well placed and timely advice & follow up by the doctor. My special gratitude goes to Doctor Himanshi for having helped me being smoke free for a week now. Pestinent to mention that I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day before that..

    Virender Singh

    16 Aug 14

    My energy level increased and now my body doesn't require cigarette after a long period. I feel good now.

    Mr. S.N.Gupta

    02 Aug 14

    No doubt, I am feeling very good after reducing from 40 to one cigarette in a day. I am trying my best to stop it completely.

    Mr. Sanjeev

    29 July 14

    It was good experience. I have tried to be smoke free earlier too but with help of IQS, it seems to be more effective and easy.

    Mr. Akash

    28 July 14

    Very Good I can say Real God on Earth, My Sincere Thanks and Regards

    Mr.Satish Kumar

    27 July 14

    Very Good Consultation on smoker’s health. Post therapy provided by Dr. Priya, my urge for smoking has reduced drastically. Thanks IQS.

    Mr. Ashwani


    It’s excellent! It really helped me to come out from Nicotine Monster. I was trying from last so many years but now I am feeling, I am out of this (smoke free). Today is my 10th day of quitting and credit all goes to “IQS”.



    The experience is awesome with IQS 100% success for me. Feel good after smoking for odd 12 years and being relieved immediately. So thank you so much, will recommend it for all smokers.

    Mr.Nikhil Kumar


    Very Good Experience with IQS treatment, very friendly. The treatment doctor is very good, Friendly Environment

    Mr. Manoj kumar


    I heard about IQS through Radio and decided to join the course. After the first session, smoking was decrease but after second session, it was stopped. In between, I had two-three cigarettes but it was just because of habit otherwise I have given up smoking and just have to maintain it by myself.

    Mr. Dinkar Sharma





    Good experience without controlling much inner desire to stop smoking. IQS treatment has really helped me in omitting cigarettes.

    Mr. Sandeep Chopra


    Excellent very Professional and courteous staff. They took me through each step of the program. They sent appointment reminder. They were always on time and Punctual. Great Job.

    Mr. Hasan


    Extremely good experience Never thought that I could quit smooking , IQS technique /therapy took among 80% of the crossing and rest was all will ----- I have been smoke free for a week now and I can already experience signicant changes in my mental outlook and physical needs.

    Mr. Rahul Rajan


    It was very good. Everything was clearly explained. I was ensured of the safety standards. All my concerns were met.

    Mr. Raveen Mishra


    Even imagining being self a non smoker was difficult was convinced only 10% when reached for therapy but now when its done. I saw it with great happiness that IQS is 100%. Thnaks Dr. Shivani for changing my lifestyle and saving my life/future.

    Mr. B.S. Negi


    IQS really helps, I want to recommend this to every smoker who wants to quit smoking.


    It was really good. I had tried quitting several times but this is the first time I seem to have managed.

    Mr.Ankit Mishra


    In short, I had quit smoking just after first sitting. Details: I had a very good exprience, Had tried all sorts of methods to quit smoking, like will power, yoga, homeopathic, nicotex, etc. But I failed daily. Finally, by IQS technique applied by Dr. Kusum, I haven't smoked even a single cigerette nor have any plans. I will recommend that all smokers should undergo this easy and painless treatment. IT REALLY WORKS !!

    Mr. Vasu Gopal


    It’s a lovely experience. I really felt good inside and with such a good and cooperative staff. Its really nice to quit smoking after 30 cigarettes daily.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Vipin


    IQS is good one. It really works when you should be sure to quit smoking. Quit smoking is not difficult IQS really helps to Quit Smoking.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Vikram Goyal


    Very Satisfied, Wonderful Experience, trying to quit habit for 5-7 yrs but could not succeed. I thought I’II have to live with this habit till I am alive. Thanks to IQS and Doctor’s on the panel who motivated and treated me to become a non smoker. I am very happy will recommend others to go for this treatment.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Vikas Anand


    IQS helped me get rid of smoking. I was trying to quit smoking & quit sometime and failed. Only with IQS I was able to control the urge and finally have given up on smoking.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Dushyant Jethani


    I hope I will be strong enough not to take smoking ever. I have the feeling it will work.

    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Marianne AUBLET FRACTON


    Smooth. I was in for a surprise. The concept really works. Besides, the docs are also great.

    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Manabendu Rath


    The treatment is very effective. It actually helps you getting off that monkey from your back without taking much pain and without any so called nicotine substitutes.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Mahesh


    The IQS Experience in the words of a client-

    It was the best experience, even after trying to stop smoking several times and by different ways, I could never imagine that this time it would work. I feel Good, thanks to Dr Kusum. Now I feel Yes, there is a way that works.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Ms. Vilma


    Experience was very good. Willingness to Quit and actual quitting are two very different things. as Karl Maxx rightly said,"It is easy to Quit Smoking, I have Quit it 100 times. Similar was my situation before I visited IQS. Post my session it reduced the physical urge to almost NIL and then I maintained the will. Thanks to IQS I am smoke free for 8 days 21 hours.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr. Pashupati Nath


    Smoking around 30 cigarettes a day for more than two decades, he has not only Quit Successfullly but also has become more energetic.Following is his feedback about IQS-

    I am feeling very good. I have no problems at all. My energy level is up and my activeness very high. So I feel very good.

    If I can anybody Could! Thanks

    Mr.Lalit Mathur


    It is an exceptional experience I had ever thought that I would ---?------ to quit smoking. This is a -------------------?--------------------------------------------------?-------------------------------------------?--------

    I was a heavy smoker 20+

    Thank you IQS.
    Mr. Chandan Berry


    Great, Friendly Doctor(Shivani), Proper Explanation, Right Guidance.

    I was a heavy smoker 20+

    Thank you IQS.
    Mr. Shiv Topa


    Has reduced my hourly craving to a large extent.
    Helped me in overpowering my smoking desires.
    After meal in morning it was difficult, but diversion of mind & health loving is the only option left.
    I was a heavy smoker 20+
    Thank you IQS.
    Mr. S. Sharma


    It was good experience, trust yourself and trust the therapy. This is a whole new way of healing the worst addict to come out of hell. Thank you.

    I was a heavy smoker 20+
    Thank you IQS.
    Mr. Sanjeev


    Mr Pravin was smoking 20 cigarettes a day for the last 15 years.
    Even though he tried to Quit Smoking more than twice he failed.
    Feeling his health going down he decided to join the IQS program and this is what he had to say-

    Outstanding Result oriented systematic treatment. I was initially very skeptical about the treatment. But I made a choice which was a great choice-choice to come here and undergo the excellent process of detoxification & Quitting.
    I was a heavy smoker 20+
    Thank you IQS.
    Mr. Pravin Tamang


    The experience was good, great and soft.
    The first session gave me some idea about being smoke free(advantages etc)."This helped me to make my mind up".

    I took all three sessions seriously."Really Seriously". The doc is good as she updated, checked informed me before all the Sessions(Her advice's were followed and adhered.
    If I can anybody Could! Thanks
    Mr. Anubhav Singh


    Nice. Very well & efficiently explained the process. Feeling very relaxed & happy. No urge to smoke by far. Dr Priya has motivated & helped.

    Thank you IQS.

    Mr Gaurav Jain


    Very Nice, satisfied with the therapy has helped me a lot to overcome my habit. A lot of thanks to Dr Priya for help and support. Feeling extremely happy of Quitting Smoking!
    I cannot believe this happened to me from a chronic smoker with habit of 30-35 cigarettes, past 20 years.
    I am now doing 0.

    Thank you IQS

    Mr.Chander Mohan

    After smoking around 15 cigarettes a day for more than 18 years Mr Mitra has successfully Quit with us.

    It was a nice experience. Smoke free in 3 sessions. Nice program. Would Highly recommend it.

    Mr.Sayan Mitra

    Mr Sharma was smoking 15-18 cigarettes for 16 years. We congratulate him in Quitting successfully for his health & family.
    Feedback from his wife- At first, I thought it as a "Miracle" happened to my husband (es-smoker), now after 8 days of him non-smoking, it feels very pleasent, fresh, calm to me& to him as well.

    He used to smoke mostly during work hours, saying that smoking helps in relieving stress, but now he feels :"less of stress" being a "non-smoker".
    Staff & doctors here are very motivating & helpful , who truly helped him to "quit smoking".

    Mrs.Shivi Sharma(Wife of Mr Anuj Sharma)

    Another Happy Client- It was a nice experience with organization and Dr Sunaina helped a lot.

    Thank you " I Quit Smoking India".

    Mr.Vikram Singh

    It was really nice experience to join I Quit Smoking. Really by the help of the expert doc. in the clinic my smoking habits are now totally 0%. No Smoking=No Health Problems


    Mr.Dishant Sai

    Positive, Loving life ,Gained confidence, helpful doctor ( Shiwani),should open more outlets in delhi.


    Greatly satisfying .Feel nearly healed of the disease for the time being .Have to amend and be on strict regulatory implementation of controls as told to me .....


    It was very nice experience connecting with IQS, I was a smoker from last 18 years and its been 7 days since i took the therapy ,i have become a non smoker. Thanks to consultant and also to IQS to brought this technique to INDIA


    Initially was not confident as had tried various methods to quit in the past . was amazed there were no withdrawal symptoms .
    I will talk to my regular smoker friends and ask them to contact IQS..


  • I think I made a very wise decision to come to IQS. Dr.Shivani's counselling really helped to take this decision to quit smoking .Its been 16 days today i have not smoked , a habit 30 years old. Thanks IQS and special thanks to Shivani .

    Mr.Ajay bir Singh

  • Smoked for 14 years ,20 ciggs plus a day .Today i finished my third session and have not smoked for tow weeks now .No urge and smoke free... Thanks to IQS


  • I was reluctant at the beginning. After making up my mind i started my session at IQS. The staff was very professional and understanding and counselled me as per my needs and smoking habits.The over all experience was very good and I am happy i came here and moved towards a smoke free life .

    Mr Vikaram Mehta

  • This system is extremely useful and I really loved the treatment method and it is very successful ..... Many thanks to IQS INDIA Team......

    Mr. Mustfa

  • Very Good .it helped me a lot to Quit Smoking great experience .

    Mr Mohit

  • Apprehensive in the beginning till I met Dr.SHiwani. Had also done my homework and it planned out exactly as Dr.Shiwani had told me .I feel wonderful and good once again.

    Mr Sanjiv

  • Apprehensive in the beginning till I met Dr.SHiwani. Had also done my homework and it planned out exactly as Dr.Shiwani had told me .I feel wonderful and good once again.

    Mr Sanjiv

  • The experience was very very positive which was not all expected by the treatment. I was able to quit my cigarettes the very first hour and the facilitator Ms. Antika was very helpful related to the process and the day to day activities. She suggested what to be done and how the urge to be taken care if arises. Thanks a lot to IQS it has changed my life. Totally Thanks.

    Mr Manoj Lal

  • I am really grateful to quit smoking. I cannot even dream and think that have quit smoke. Last week was full of Joy and be a joy.

    Mr R.K. Sethi

  • Very Good indeed. Definitely suggest counselling session with Dr.Shiwani Braskon. Every patient will get a positive and balanced advise and assessment .

    Mr Sanjay Kant

  • Excellent , I am very Happy and positive .Thank you .....


  • I believe it is the experience of the whole process that has made me smoke free the first time in my life since I have been smoking for over 18 years.

    This I would say is only because of Antika who took the time to explain and follow through in terms of the predictive habits and changes that came true.


    Mr Kuldip

  • Feeling very happy from inside of my heart. I used to smoke HUKKA for the last 22 years. Thanks to Dr Antika who help me to quit it.
    Thanks a lot.

    Mr Mukesh Yadav

  • Excellent .your help exceeded all my expectations.I really appreciate the work you are doing .It wont be possible without your guidance and help.So thank you so so much........

    Mr Parveen Kumar

  • Excellent,very friendly and convincing approach to cure the habit of smoking .I never thought it would be so easy after 46 years of smoking ,though i kept reducing number of cigarettes myself .

    Mr BK Sharma

  • Thank you so much IQS for all your support. Thank you Shiwani mam and Antika mam for this great help. I am feeling very positive today just because of you guys. I am damn sure that I will never smoke in my life. The best part is the follow up that you provide to us and the moral support. I'll never forget this help in my life. It is a great achievement for me to Quit Smoking. I smoked a lot during these last 4 years, Quitting smoke was impossible task for me but from the last 10 days I have not smoked. So now, I can say that " Nothing is Impossible".
    " CHEERS TO LIFE" :))

    Venkatesh. I

    Amazing.... It has been nearly a month and absolutely no urge to light the stick .Something that i have not been to do so for the last 10 years...

    Anil Sriniwasan


    Fantastic. It has really helped, keep the good work going.
    Antika has done a great job and she is very amicable and friendly.

    Sanjay K. Sinha


    GREAT. 80 fall. I have had 2 sessions and have lost most of my urge already.

    Mr Narayan Moorthy

  • I really feel very happy to quit smoking and i sincerely want to thank IQS and Dr.Shiwani who helped me to regain my previous life. IQS program helped me a lot in quitting smoking as i used to smoke 40+ cigarettes daily but after the program i am able to stop smoking and i haven't smoked from last 10 days ..

    Mr Gaurav

  • Excellent Counselling, with relevant treatment. Even after a gap of 5 months, the treatment seems effective with considerable biological reasons.

    Mr Mishra

  • Very professional approach at the center, reasonable cost, After treatment follow-ups boost the morale.
    The product is amazing, I have not smoked for 8 days after smoking for 20 years. I was never this successful earlier in my attempts for quitting.
    Thank you IQS and the Team at the Vasant Kunj Center.

    Mr Akhilesh

  • Excellent, I have Quit Smoking which I was thinking about for almost 4 years. Thank you IQS for this and a big thank you to Ms Madan for her assistance and guidance.
    I will forward this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.


  • I thought smoking was something I could leave never, but with the help of IQS and constant support of Ms Antika Madan, I left it and even though I had tried it once with my friends again.
    I have NO DESIRE TO START AGAIN, because there is no desire, no psychological dependency of stress and enjoyment I cal relate with smoking.
    I will forward this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.
    Definitely it is a very helpful treatment along with the support of the therapist.
    It is the only push one needs to stop smoking and start living a healthy life once again.

    I have already mentioned to my friends and business clients and some of them are already thinking and preparing to visit IQS!!.

    Mr Lokesh

  • Experience was very positive and helped. Dr Shiwani took very much care of all small-small issues during the therapy. Psychological treatment was also wonderful and helpful.
    I will forward this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

    Mr Anand

  • It was really nicely explained to us. The doctor explained us everything in detail and YES I would like to refer this treatment to others.

    Mrs Aggarwal

  • While entering the IQS Center first time I was very skeptical about the procedure but today after 3 treatments & 7 days of smoke free days I am so happy and do not feel a single urge of smoking. I am very thankful to the IQS team.

    Mr Saurabh

  • Great service, excellent administrator and the product Works on All Levels. Mr Shawn
    If you want help to Quit Smoking, just inbox your number and we will be happy to help.

    Shawn Mehta

  • Experience with IQS was good. I could sleep well and now I feel proud that I have been away from smoking.

    Mr Vivek

  • A different way to remove the addiction to smoking. I had tried quitting earlier a number of times, however the urge always gave in. This time I could resist and did not have a single cigarette since the start of the treatment. I think it is working and I will be able to stay away from cigarettes.

    Mr Tandon

  • It was a great experience and Dr Shiwani was a great help and support. I would recommend the treatment to my friends and colleagues.

    Mr Choudhry

  • Awesome Newer believed that Miracle like this can happen to me. IQS Delivered what they claim. "I am Smoke Free" & I am "proud of it" Thank you Dr. Priya.

    Amir Arora

"We put a stop to the habit on May 11th 2013, which makes it about 45 Smoke-Free days. Though the urge tends to return every once in a while, I muster a lot of courage as i write that I feel in control. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support, you were instrumental in making this happen."

Mr Ail

"My heartfelt thanks for the support and guidance, I have now quit smoking. The support that was extended to me, is much appreciated."

Mr Samkaran (India)

"I feel a sense of pride as I report that I continue to remain smoke free. I won't deny that there have been moments when I doubted myself but thanks to your counseling and therapy, I can easily ward them off."

Mr Anil (India)

"The methods that were employed made it so easy to quit smoking. I have tried other methods like hypnosis but the habit relapsed after a month. Though I haven't reached the one month mark yet, I feel a sense of confidence, the physical craving part was taken care of by IQS. I would like to say a special thank you to Shiwani for all the help and will report being smoke free after a month.

Ms Srimoyee (India)

" I finally feel free after being a smoker for 15 years. I would like to thank you for offering me freedom iQS, your method is an absolute miracle. I could fell the nicotine being released from my body in the first couple of days. As an added plus, I have also lost weight after I quit smoking.

Herman Cohen (Austria)

" I have been smoking for the past 60 years and have been trying to quit it from the last 30 years. I tried various methods including betting for a cost of approximately € 2600. I was this close to ignoring the IQS brochure when I paid heed to their money back guarantee. Quitting smoking was so easy, I was free within just a few hours. I am so moved by my experience that I want to become a sales rep for this method and spread the word. In my opinion everyone should give this no risk therapy a chance."

Vittorio Iseni (Italy)

" I would recommend IQS to everyone who wants to quit smoking. I smoked over a pack of cigarettes everyday for 35 years. I came across the IQS advertisement and gave it a try. Today, I am smoke free and have never experienced any nicotine fits or cravings or withdrawal symptoms."

Allen Staff (USA)

" IQS eliminated the physical cravings for a smoke that came with other methods that I used previously to quit smoking. I started the IQS program on January 1st 2001 and it helped me almost immediately. I remain smoke free to this day. Thank you very much!"

Donald Weatherford (Canada)

" After 20 years of smoking, today I am an ex-smoker, all thanks to IQS. After my first therapy with IQS, I knew I would never light up again, not just for my own health but for my daughter, Maisa's as well. Thanks again!"

Michelle Hurgezen (Switzerland)