I Quit Smoking


quit smoking

  • I was reluctant at the beginning. After making up my mind i started my session at IQS. The staff was very professional and understanding and counselled me as per my needs and smoking habits.The over all experience was very good and I am happy i came here and moved towards a smoke free life .

    Mr Vikaram Mehta

  • This system is extremely useful and I really loved the treatment method and it is very successful ..... Many thanks to IQS INDIA Team......

    Mr. Mustfa

  • Very Good .it helped me a lot to Quit Smoking great experience .

    Mr Mohit

  • Apprehensive in the beginning till I met Dr.SHiwani. Had also done my homework and it planned out exactly as Dr.Shiwani had told me .I feel wonderful and good once again.

    Mr Sanjiv

  • Apprehensive in the beginning till I met Dr.SHiwani. Had also done my homework and it planned out exactly as Dr.Shiwani had told me .I feel wonderful and good once again.

    Mr Sanjiv

  • The experience was very very positive which was not all expected by the treatment. I was able to quit my cigarettes the very first hour and the facilitator Ms. Antika was very helpful related to the process and the day to day activities. She suggested what to be done and how the urge to be taken care if arises. Thanks a lot to IQS it has changed my life. Totally Thanks.

    Mr Manoj Lal

  • I am really grateful to quit smoking. I cannot even dream and think that have quit smoke. Last week was full of Joy and be a joy.

    Mr R.K. Sethi

  • Very Good indeed. Definitely suggest counselling session with Dr.Shiwani Braskon. Every patient will get a positive and balanced advise and assessment .

    Mr Sanjay Kant

  • Excellent , I am very Happy and positive .Thank you .....


  • I believe it is the experience of the whole process that has made me smoke free the first time in my life since I have been smoking for over 18 years.

    This I would say is only because of Antika who took the time to explain and follow through in terms of the predictive habits and changes that came true.


    Mr Kuldip

  • Feeling very happy from inside of my heart. I used to smoke HUKKA for the last 22 years. Thanks to Dr Antika who help me to quit it.
    Thanks a lot.

    Mr Mukesh Yadav

  • Excellent .your help exceeded all my expectations.I really appreciate the work you are doing .It wont be possible without your guidance and help.So thank you so so much........

    Mr Parveen Kumar

  • Excellent,very friendly and convincing approach to cure the habit of smoking .I never thought it would be so easy after 46 years of smoking ,though i kept reducing number of cigarettes myself .

    Mr BK Sharma

  • Thank you so much IQS for all your support. Thank you Shiwani mam and Antika mam for this great help. I am feeling very positive today just because of you guys. I am damn sure that I will never smoke in my life. The best part is the follow up that you provide to us and the moral support. I'll never forget this help in my life. It is a great achievement for me to Quit Smoking. I smoked a lot during these last 4 years, Quitting smoke was impossible task for me but from the last 10 days I have not smoked. So now, I can say that " Nothing is Impossible".
    " CHEERS TO LIFE" :))

    Venkatesh. I

    Amazing.... It has been nearly a month and absolutely no urge to light the stick .Something that i have not been to do so for the last 10 years...

    Anil Sriniwasan


    Fantastic. It has really helped, keep the good work going.
    Antika has done a great job and she is very amicable and friendly.

    Sanjay K. Sinha


    GREAT. 80 fall. I have had 2 sessions and have lost most of my urge already.

    Mr Narayan Moorthy

  • I really feel very happy to quit smoking and i sincerely want to thank IQS and Dr.Shiwani who helped me to regain my previous life. IQS program helped me a lot in quitting smoking as i used to smoke 40+ cigarettes daily but after the program i am able to stop smoking and i haven't smoked from last 10 days ..

    Mr Gaurav

  • Excellent Counselling, with relevant treatment. Even after a gap of 5 months, the treatment seems effective with considerable biological reasons.

    Mr Mishra

  • Very professional approach at the center, reasonable cost, After treatment follow-ups boost the morale.
    The product is amazing, I have not smoked for 8 days after smoking for 20 years. I was never this successful earlier in my attempts for quitting.
    Thank you IQS and the Team at the Vasant Kunj Center.

    Mr Akhilesh

  • Excellent, I have Quit Smoking which I was thinking about for almost 4 years. Thank you IQS for this and a big thank you to Ms Madan for her assistance and guidance.
    I will forward this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.


  • I thought smoking was something I could leave never, but with the help of IQS and constant support of Ms Antika Madan, I left it and even though I had tried it once with my friends again.
    I have NO DESIRE TO START AGAIN, because there is no desire, no psychological dependency of stress and enjoyment I cal relate with smoking.
    I will forward this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.
    Definitely it is a very helpful treatment along with the support of the therapist.
    It is the only push one needs to stop smoking and start living a healthy life once again.

    I have already mentioned to my friends and business clients and some of them are already thinking and preparing to visit IQS!!.

    Mr Lokesh

  • Experience was very positive and helped. Dr Shiwani took very much care of all small-small issues during the therapy. Psychological treatment was also wonderful and helpful.
    I will forward this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

    Mr Anand

  • It was really nicely explained to us. The doctor explained us everything in detail and YES I would like to refer this treatment to others.

    Mrs Aggarwal

  • While entering the IQS Center first time I was very skeptical about the procedure but today after 3 treatments & 7 days of smoke free days I am so happy and do not feel a single urge of smoking. I am very thankful to the IQS team.

    Mr Saurabh

  • Great service, excellent administrator and the product Works on All Levels. Mr Shawn
    If you want help to Quit Smoking, just inbox your number and we will be happy to help.

    Shawn Mehta

  • Experience with IQS was good. I could sleep well and now I feel proud that I have been away from smoking.

    Mr Vivek

  • A different way to remove the addiction to smoking. I had tried quitting earlier a number of times, however the urge always gave in. This time I could resist and did not have a single cigarette since the start of the treatment. I think it is working and I will be able to stay away from cigarettes.

    Mr Tandon

  • It was a great experience and Dr Shiwani was a great help and support. I would recommend the treatment to my friends and colleagues.

    Mr Choudhry

"We put a stop to the habit on May 11th 2013, which makes it about 45 Smoke-Free days. Though the urge tends to return every once in a while, I muster a lot of courage as i write that I feel in control. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support, you were instrumental in making this happen."

Mr Ail

"My heartfelt thanks for the support and guidance, I have now quit smoking. The support that was extended to me, is much appreciated."

Mr Samkaran (India)

"I feel a sense of pride as I report that I continue to remain smoke free. I won't deny that there have been moments when I doubted myself but thanks to your counseling and therapy, I can easily ward them off."

Mr Anil (India)

"The methods that were employed made it so easy to quit smoking. I have tried other methods like hypnosis but the habit relapsed after a month. Though I haven't reached the one month mark yet, I feel a sense of confidence, the physical craving part was taken care of by IQS. I would like to say a special thank you to Shiwani for all the help and will report being smoke free after a month.

Ms Srimoyee (India)

" I finally feel free after being a smoker for 15 years. I would like to thank you for offering me freedom iQS, your method is an absolute miracle. I could fell the nicotine being released from my body in the first couple of days. As an added plus, I have also lost weight after I quit smoking.

Herman Cohen (Austria)

" I have been smoking for the past 60 years and have been trying to quit it from the last 30 years. I tried various methods including betting for a cost of approximately € 2600. I was this close to ignoring the IQS brochure when I paid heed to their money back guarantee. Quitting smoking was so easy, I was free within just a few hours. I am so moved by my experience that I want to become a sales rep for this method and spread the word. In my opinion everyone should give this no risk therapy a chance."

Vittorio Iseni (Italy)

" I would recommend IQS to everyone who wants to quit smoking. I smoked over a pack of cigarettes everyday for 35 years. I came across the IQS advertisement and gave it a try. Today, I am smoke free and have never experienced any nicotine fits or cravings or withdrawal symptoms."

Allen Staff (USA)

" IQS eliminated the physical cravings for a smoke that came with other methods that I used previously to quit smoking. I started the IQS program on January 1st 2001 and it helped me almost immediately. I remain smoke free to this day. Thank you very much!"

Donald Weatherford (Canada)

" After 20 years of smoking, today I am an ex-smoker, all thanks to IQS. After my first therapy with IQS, I knew I would never light up again, not just for my own health but for my daughter, Maisa's as well. Thanks again!"

Michelle Hurgezen (Switzerland)